James Dean photographed by Richard C. Miller, 1955.

James Dean photographed by Sid Avery on the set of Giant.

Some of the things that have been printed about me are fantastic. One night I was supposed to have been at Ciro’s and I was also reported in two other places. How could I be in three places at once? I probably should have a press agent. But I don’t care what people write about me. I’ll talk to the ones I like, the others can print what they please. - James Dean

My favorite group shot with my Indiana family underneath my mural during the James Dean Festival Weekend.

James Byron Dean
(February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955)

"He didn’t show you very much. He’d challenge you to find him. Then when you’d found him, he’d still make you guess. It was an endless game with him. The thing people missed about Jimmy was his mischievousness. He was the most constantly mischievous person I think I’ve ever met. Full of tricks, full of magic, full of outrageousness."
— Stuart Stern

Natalie said her favorite scene in Rebel Without a Cause was one she shared with James Dean that was cut from the film.

“It was in the car. I was waiting for him and he comes up and we talk to each other. There was a section of the scene where I imply that I’ve sort of been around, that I’m not really pure.

I say to him, ‘Do you think that’s bad?’ And he says ‘No, I just think it’s lonely. It’s the loneliest time.’

I thought it was a wonderful lineright on the cutting room floor.”