Bought this at the antique store on Monday. Probably one of my more unique James Dean vinyls, especially because its a picture disc so it cant be played, I need to just find a spot to show both sides…it’s going to be rather tricky. 

The most quirky record, the small text in the left hand corner really grabbed my attention, it reads: This recording is strictly for Dean’s-teens and eternal-lamp clubs. A collector’s issue for his faithful flock only.  

Still sealed, record featuring music from all of James Dean’s movies. I love these tribute records, this is my second. A definite must for the nut-case collector like me haha…its all a matter of finding them.

This was an unexpected purchase today, it was just there, never thought this random surplus store sold things like this…but lucky me right? All I need is a nice frame so I can hang it up. 

Recent acquired James Dean collectables; a woman’s wrist watch from 1987 that reads “Time Ran Out” (which is depressing) and a hand painted mug. Both items were issued to the James Dean Foundation, as it so says on the bottom on the mug and on the casing of the watch. This the grand thing about antique markets, the ladies that work there know how much I love James and they always hold stuff for me when it comes in, thank god, because these are gems. 

Got this for Christmas from my very lovely neighbor who just knows me too well!! 

Bought this very lovely shirt at a really dumpy bargain store downtown this week. Only $5…it impressed me too!! 

My James Dean Book collection (2/3)

My James Dean Book collection..continued (2/3)

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