James Dean photographed by Richard C. Miller, 1955.

James Dean photographed by Sid Avery on the set of Giant.

Some of the things that have been printed about me are fantastic. One night I was supposed to have been at Ciro’s and I was also reported in two other places. How could I be in three places at once? I probably should have a press agent. But I don’t care what people write about me. I’ll talk to the ones I like, the others can print what they please. - James Dean

Anonymous: "I know he was never diagnosed with anything, but do you think he was bipolar ? Do you think it was more psychological or mental issues ?"

No, I don’t think he was bi-polar. If he did have any “psychological” issues (that I would say were caused by the traumatic events that he dealt with as a young boy), back in the 1950’s those problems could not be properly handled or even diagnosed. Nowadays if you have any mental or psychological issues your properly medicated - back then you were given a lobotomy or unneeded shock therapy. I’m getting off topic…no I dont think he had any *serious* issues.

Anonymous: "But why do you think he felt so close to Elizabeth Taylor and revealed all of those things to her ? She said, in one interview I read about her, that sometimes he would just ignore her afraid she would use the thing he said to her againt him ... so why did he revealed a lot to her in the first place ? Did he have trouble trusting people ?"

He had a lot of trust issues I believe. He was very moody as well, had his on and off days. He was always known for ignoring his co-stars once in a while. He would just be going through things at times that brought his personality up and down.

Anonymous: "What is the truth about the relationship between Jimmy and his pastor James DeWeerd ? Elizabeth Taylor said one thing and then others said other things ... Did Jimmy use him or did Deweerd use Jimmy ?"

The Reverend used Jimmy. He molested Jimmy when he was 10 or 11. Liz was completely correct, unfortunately. Jimmy felt comfortable talking to Liz about that, I don’t think he ever told anyone but her.

Anonymous: "In your opinion, what is the most beautiful thing that someone (famous or not) said about James Dean ?"

There are so many beautiful and heart warming things said about him by various people, but currently my favorite thing said was by Julie Harris: “I liken it to a kind of star, or comet that fell through the sky and everybody still talks about it, they say ‘Remember that night, when that, when you saw that shooting star?’ That was it, I mean, he had that enormous appeal, and magic.”

Its such a honest way to describe Jimmy all in one. I would have said something similar. Its pure.