Anonymous: "Do you think his relatioship with Pier Angeli was real or just for publicity?"

I think it was real, it was his first true love, Jimmy wasn’t fond of publicity.

Anonymous: "Have you ever met someone that looked or was almost exactly like James Dean ?!?"

Yes, I have! :)

it’s all over, the world ended.

Anonymous: "What do you think was Jimmy best quality ?"

His humour. He had a childlike way of humouring a situation in such a lighthearted way.

Anonymous: "ah yes i did misinterpret it. thank you :)"

No problem!!

Anonymous: "haha i don't think that it just looked like you thought that in your reply to the person that asked for the most shocking thing or whatever. thanks :)"

Oh! Gotcha! You may have read it wrong because they asked what the most shocking thing about James Dean is that Ive ever heard and I was referring to the ignorance of people who claim to believe there was alcohol involved.

Anonymous: "wait so was drinking and driving the reason of the crash?"

Absolutely not! May I ask why you think that?

Anonymous: "How would you describe the feeling when you go see Jimmy's grave ? Do you feel like he's there ?"

Sometimes. It really depends I guess.

Bob Dylan’s own style of dress and behaviour was heavily influenced by that adolescent identity with James Dean. The Dean image was there, on the record cover of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”, with Dylan bowed and hunched up, arm in arm with Suze Rotolo, scuffing through the snow on West Fourth Street.

Dylan was singing for the new rebellion, creating the articulate poetry of protest or reality, his image and sound dominated the 1960’s, as Dean has dominated the mid-1950’s. And it was Dylan who nearly died on his motorbike, breaking his neck in an accident that might, in the event of his death, have eclipsed the Dean legend.