Anonymous: "What is this thing about Friendly Ghosts ???"

Its just a short film depicting what James Dean and the man who killed him, Donald Turnupseed, would be like meeting face to face as ghosts in the spot where the crash took place. Look it up on youtube. It will make you cry though, I do every time I see it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, set your clocks to Cholame, California Time and tune back in Monday night – right before midnight. Thank you for coming!

James Dean in “The Unlighted Road” 1955.

Anonymous: "If you had few hours with Jimmy, what would you say and do with him ?!?!?"

Sit in a diner and talk about everything from literature to the automotive industry over hot cups of coffee. That would be the perfect way to get to know him and it would be nice in a more intimate setting.

Anonymous: "Do you think Jimmy was really rebellious or it was just the way he was ? He was a special person with a unusual personality, so what do you think explains the way he was ?"

He was not really rebellious the way the movie depicted him to be. He was definitely unusual but a kind soul, loved animals, children and old people. He wasn’t aggressive. He was also shy and quite an intellect.

Anonymous: "Do you think Jimmy was underrated?"

Its hard to say, I don’t think so, he wasn’t famous long enough for that to be decided.

Anonymous: "What do you think is different about Jimmy's acting compared to today's acting ?"

It was honest and pure. People today are frightened to dabble in the art of the method. The only actor whom
I’ve seen accomplish this with gusto and unique talent like Jimmy is Johnny Depp, partially because he studied the method and actually was inspired by Jimmy. Other than that, its not common.

Anonymous: "How would you describe Dean's talent ?"

Unbelievable. There are no words to properly describe his talent because he’s the only one capable of doing what he did.