Anonymous: "Don't you find it annoying when people say that James Dean died because he was speeding and it's was all his fault when it was proving many times that he wasn't speeding and it was all Donald Turnuspeed fault? And how ironic is it that the guy who killed Jimmy had the word speed in his name ?"

First off, the man who killed him, his name was ‘TurnupSEED’ not speed haha. But yes, it is very annoying, because it wasn’t his fault. 

Anonymous: "Have you seen the James Dean inspired picture of Justin Bieber on his instagram ? What do you think ? Do you think he's like a modern day Jimmy ? To me, that guy was definitely inspired by James Dean, from the hair, to the attitude, to the clothes, but Jimmy was much more than that! NOBODY even compare to him!!!"

I can’t even answer this. That kid is a waste of space, he’s a poser and his fans are disgusting. That’s all I can say to this, as I’ve already been in so many arguments regarding this.

Anonymous: "Did you hear about some new never before seen pictures of James Dean (I think it 32 or 34 photos) that are up for auction ? Ughhh, I get so happy and excited whenever I see a new picture and now we have more than 30 pictures to look foward to. I can't wait to see them !!!"

I did hear, its exciting 

Anonymous: "Isn't so eerie and unbelievale that James Dean kinda predicted his own death ? Do you think Jimmy knew that he would die young like his mother ? Do you think he also knew he would die in a car accident because he really loved racing, speeding and all and probably knew it was dangerous ??? What do you think ??"

I dont believe he predicted his death. He wasnt a psychic haha I dont believe he knew he was going to die, it just happened.

Anonymous: "What's your favorite tv appearance par James Dean ?"

I liked him in the Unlighted Road

James Dean photographed by Richard C. Miller, 1955.

I love Aron, I do - really I do…


James Dean and Ursula Andress (1955) - Happy Valentine’s Day!


” Jimmy is different, he loves music. He loves it from the heart the way I do. We have so much to talk about. It’s wonderful to have such understanding. He is a wonderful boy and a great actor.”

- Pier Angeli.